Personal care and beauty brands to watch in 2023

Clare Daley
December 14, 2022
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Personal care and beauty brands to watch in 2023

Few sectors move as quickly as beauty and personal care.

We’ve covered some of 2022’s biggest beauty product trends – from reef-safe sunscreen to collagen supplements – on our blog. And we’re always looking out for challenger brands disrupting the beauty industry.

With this in mind, following on from our successful 2022 hot list, here are seven beauty and personal care brands to watch in 2023:

1. Arey

Haircare brand Arey burst onto the scene in 2021, growing sales by 1110% in its second year of trading. The company specialises in grey hair products, a market often under-serviced by conventional haircare brands.

Arey’s products are designed to slow the growth of grey hair and prevent other signs of hair ageing. Self-styled as the “wrinkle cream of haircare”, more than 70% of Arey’s sales come from D2C subscribers.

The brand recently secured over $4 million in funding – double its initial target.

Visit Arey’s website.

2. Here We Flo

It’s been a big year for Here We Flo: the personal care brand has tripled sales and secured nearly £2 million in funding from angel investors.

Here We Flo’s mission is to provide organic options for “life’s messiest moments”, including bamboo and organic cotton period/bladder care products and natural rubber latex condoms. Current stockists include Boots, Holland & Barrett, Ocado, Target and Whole Foods, plus D2C sales.

The brand plans to use the money raised through funding to support UK and US expansion in 2023.

Visit Here We Flo’s website.

3. Love Ocean

Over the past few years, refillable products have gone mainstream in two categories: green cleaning and eco-friendly beauty. Love Ocean is making waves in the second.

The toiletries brand launched a bubble bath and hair & body wash aimed at kids in a fun whale tail-shaped bottle. Each product is vegan, eco, ocean and reef friendly. Bottles can be refilled from a pouch delivered on a quarterly subscription to minimise shipping mileage.

Love Ocean recently crowdfunded more than £150,000 to expand its production. The brand plans to launch a range of adult refillable toiletries in 2023.

Visit Love Ocean’s website.

4. Pound Cake

With the tagline “f**king up the beauty industry”, Pound Cake came to disrupt. This pro-black, pro-queer, pro-fat cosmetics company has created a range of ‘cake batters’: créme-matte liquid lipsticks that provide impactful colour for various skin and lip tones.

2023 is shaping up to be a big year for Pound Cake: the brand was recently awarded a $1 million Black Ambition Grant and secured a spot on Ulta Beauty’s Muse Accelerator Programme.

Visit Pound Cake’s website.

5. True Frog

Personal care brand, True Frog, has made a major impact on Indian consumers with its chemical-free vegan skin and hair care range. All True Frog’s products use ethically derived ingredients and sensitively processed extracts – from beetroot to white lotus flower.

True Frog has completed an investment round worth more than $2 million to fund future product development. It’s planning to broaden its curly care haircare portfolio and explore new personal care categories.

Visit True Frog’s website.

6. Uncover

Kenya-based Uncover Skincare is redefining personal care products through data science and beauty industry expertise. It aims to become the first data-driven, digital-first health and wellness brand for African women.

Uncover’s range includes cleansers, toners, moisturisers, sheet masks, serums and sunscreen. Its products use African botanicals, manufactured in Korea – one of the world’s leading beauty markets.

Uncover offers virtual consultations and personalised recommendations for its personal care products. The brand recently raised $1 million to fund manufacturing expansion across Kenya and Nigeria.

Visit Uncover’s website.

7. Wild

Wild Cosmetics’ aim is simple: to remove single-use plastics and unnecessary chemicals from the bathroom. Its refillable, compostable, gender-neutral deodorant is already a big hit with consumers, and the brand also offers a range of planet-friendly vegan soap.

Wild wants to expand its portfolio and triple its distribution in 2023 and has already secured £5 million in VC funding to support its continued growth.

Visit Wild’s website.

Get your beauty brand ready for global success

Are you a 2023 beauty brand to watch? Get in touch with Hooley Brown, as we’d love to feature you on our blog.

As a compliance agency for consumer brands, we like to keep our finger on the personal care pulse. We’re already working with many fast-growing beauty brands to localise their products, packaging, labelling and marketing content for an international customer base.

Follow Hooley Brown on LinkedIn for personal care compliance news and insights.

This blog post was written in December 2022. Facts were correct at the time of writing.

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