We’ve got a new look – and a new service offering!

Clare Daley
January 12, 2024
5 min read
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We’ve got a new look – and a new service offering!

If you’re a regular visitor to the Hooley Brown website, you’ll notice things look slightly different. 

We’ve recently revamped our site with a fresh new look – plus more information about our brand growth and compliance services.

Hooley Brown helps food, drink, personal care and consumer goods companies enter new markets and maximise local sales opportunities. Our goal is to reduce the stress and roadblocks that stand between your business and international success!  

Export planning and strategy support 

Working with Hooley Brown is an alternative to distributors and importers, so you don’t have to dilute your hard-earned profits over the long term.

Instead, we’ll support you over an agreed period of time, offering: 

  • Market analysis: we’ll delve into the potential profitability of new regions, examining product-market fit, consumer demand, entry costs and compliance fees.

  • Export planning: from developing distribution strategies to solving bureaucratic complexities, we’ll be your compass for navigating the intricacies of international trading.

  • Local connections: we’ll connect you with our network of industry experts to establish meaningful partnerships, from manufacturing to influencer marketing.

  • Strategic guidance: we can support your export strategy with risk assessments and strategise on regulatory frameworks, paving a smooth path to market entry.

Check out our export strategy page. 

Product and packaging localisation 

Understanding the ins and outs of local legislation and consumer preferences can be daunting. Hooley Brown provides regional expertise and resources to ensure your products comply in every market. 

Our product and packaging compliance services include: 

  • Dossier building and document validation: we’ll prepare your legal specifications, certifications and supplier information, ensuring your compliance with local laws.

  • Product formulation and claims: we can tailor your products to meet regional tastes and rules, advising on formulations that can be used across multiple markets.

  • Packaging localisation: our global team of linguists can ensure your product packaging and marketing assets speak the right language – literally. 

Check out our product and packaging localisation page.  

Product lifecycle management 

Want to maximise the lifespan of your products? Hooley Brown works with brands long after launch, fine-tuning your export strategy and product development plans to drive continuous improvement.

Our product lifecycle management services include: 

  • Ongoing innovation: we’ll ensure your products meet evolving regulatory standards and changing consumer preferences.

  • Local sales and marketing support: from tailored websites to local influencer collaborations, we’ll ensure your products resonate with regional customers.

  • Distribution strategy: we’ll evaluate your current distribution model and guide you towards the most profitable approach.  

Check out our product lifecycle management page. 

Labelling compliance and artwork checking (large brands only)

In addition to our three core services, Hooley Brown supports enterprise brands and artwork houses with labelling compliance and multi-market artwork checking. 

Our services include: 

  • Pack copy creation and label translation: we make sure packaging is transcreated, localised and compliant across all markets.

  • Artwork approvals: our meticulous review process ensures that products hit the shelves without a hitch and that all packaging meets regulatory standards.

Visit our labelling compliance and artwork checking page. 

We’re here to talk – no strings attached 

Every brand is unique, which is why we don’t offer off-the-shelf support packages. 

Instead, we start by speaking to companies about your current situation and goals for the future. From there, we’ll create a support strategy that meets your immediate needs and adapt it as those requirements change. 

Every relationship starts with a 30-minute free, no-obligation video call with our Co-Founder, Clare Daley. 

Take a look around our new website. Then, when you’re ready, book your call with Clare so we can create a personalised proposal for your company.

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