24 fast-growing food brands to watch in 2024

Clare Daley
December 15, 2023
5 min read
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24 fast-growing food brands to watch in 2024

It’s back: our annual list of the fastest-growing food and drink brands to keep a close eye on over the next 12 months!

This is the third year Hooley Brown has compiled a countdown and we continue to be excited by the level of innovation in the food industry. 

Here are some of our favourite food and beverage brands to watch in 2024:

1. All Things Butter

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What better place to start our countdown than a product inspired by TikTok. 

The idea for All Things Butter began during lockdown when co-founder (and trained chef) Thomas Straker made a series of TikTok videos enhancing recipes by adding butter. 

In partnership with best friend Toby Hopkinson (who was previously Head of Growth at TRIP CBD drinks), they developed a twice-churned butter that uses traditional methods to produce a creamy texture. 

All Things Butter has just raised more than £350,000 in pre-seed funding to finance its D2C launch and UK retail sales partnership with Ocado online supermarket.   

2. Better Nature Tempeh 

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2023 was a tough year for plant-based foods. The rising cost of ingredients coupled with cash-conscious consumers has caused sales to stagnate for many vegan brands. But there are always exceptions to the rule: one of which is Better Nature Tempeh

Tempeh’s high protein and fibre composition have made it a go-to-choice for plant-based eaters and flexitarians – and Better Nature’s bold and friendly branding stands out from the crowd. 

In November 2023, Better Nature smashed its £400,000 crowdfunding target, adding to the £1 million it raised through VCs and Angel investors. This backing will enable the company to expand its retail and foodservice distribution operation in 2024, plus launch a new range of ready-to-heat products. 

3. BlendBox

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BlendBox – the home delivery arm of U.S. drinks franchise, Better Blend Smoothies – taps into consumer demand for healthy choices that fit in with their busy lifestyle. 

The blend-at-home smoothie box allows people to recreate some of the most popular items on Better Blend Smoothies’ menu in their own kitchen. Ordered via the Better Blend app, it’s currently only available to customers local to Better Blend’s seven stores, but we can see that it has real national and international potential. 

4. Delli 

A person holding jars of condimentsDescription automatically generated

While releasing a new range of sauces is not innovative in itself, the delivery model behind Delli has the power to disrupt consumer sales models.  

Delli is the brainchild of Depop powerhouses Simon Beckerman and Marie Petrovicka. After storming the second-hand clothing market, they wanted to use the Depop model to drive sales of artisan grocery products.  

Having facilitated the sales of goods by independent registered food businesses, Beckerman and Petrovicka ventured into direct sales – developing a range of Delli own-label sauces available via the app. Products include a garlic dressing, lemongrass tomato pickle, nutty dipping sauce and a spicy miso sauce, available to UK consumers via the Delli app. 

5. Fearne & Rosie

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The war on sugar has taken its toll on jam sales, with many consumers turning their back on sweet toppings. Yet it remains a popular snack with children. 

UK brand Fearne & Rosie has tapped into both kids’ love for jam and their parents’ desire for a healthy diet to create a range of spreads. Their products use natural ingredients and contain 70% more fruit and 40% less sugar than traditional jams. 

Sales of Fearne & Rosie jams have soared by 400% in the past year, and the brand recently received £450,000 funding from investors including Obu and TwinklHive. 

6. Goodrays

While it’s been a quieter year for CBD than 2022, the category continues to attract innovativors like Goodrays, a UK-based brand producing a range of CBD-infused sparkling drinks, gummies and oils. 

Sales of Goodrays’ products have grown by nearly 1500% over the past 12 months. The brand also recently inked a supermarket distribution deal with Waitrose, having been available in Tesco stores since late 2022. 

International distribution is the next logical step for Goodrays, so long as they can safely navigate through developing CBD legislation in the EU and beyond. 

7. Grubbly Farms

A chicken next to a bag of foodDescription automatically generated

Our 2024 fast-growing food brands list wouldn’t be complete without featuring a company from the dynamic pet food sector. 

While consumers have tightened their belt on their own shopping bill, premium pet food sales remain strong. Animal ownership increased during the pandemic and pet lovers are keen to purchase top of the range products to keep their furry and feathered friends happy. 

Grubbly Farms is not only a successful chicken feed brand; it’s a pet food innovator. The U.S. company makes products with black soldier fly grub protein – a healthier, more sustainable alternative to traditional proteins. 

Grubbly Farms recently completed its Series A funding round, which it will use to further develop its products for domestic chickens – America’s third most popular pet after dogs and cats. 

8. Holy 

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Clean energy drinks were one of the major food trends of 2023, and Holy is giving this category an eco-friendly twist. 

The German D2C brand produces its soft drinks in powder format, ready for consumers to add water and mix up their drink at home. Holy claims powdered drinks use 90% less packaging than plastic bottles and its energy drinks and iced teas are also low in sugar and packed with functional ingredients. Plus the packaging looks amazing! 

Holy has already sold over 10 million units across Europe and recently raised €10.5 million to fund European growth and expansion into retail sales. 

9. Hooked

A package of tuna fishDescription automatically generated

We’ve already discussed the challenges of plant-based food sales in 2023, but there are other pockets of innovation besides tempeh. One area is the development of plant-based seafood alternatives – and Hooked is leading the charge. 

Hooked founders Prerna Gupta and Parag Chordia are passionate about tackling overfishing and have developed alt-seafood products including vegan fish sticks, plant-based salmon, and ‘toonish’ – a fish-free tuna. 

In summer 2023, Hooked launched a crowdfunding campaign and reached its €560,000 target in just one day. Currently available across Europe, Hooked will use the funds to develop its products and expand the Hooked brand across the Nordic region. 

10. KEEN

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High protein snacks are always a hit with health-conscious consumers, and KEEN is benefitting from their appetite. 

What separates KEEN from other healthy snacking products is personalisation: consumers make up their own no-bake energy bites from the recipe mix to suit their goals and tastes. For example, they can choose whether to mix the dry ingredients with yoghurt, nut butter or a liquid. 

KEEN products are currently only available in Canada, but we think international expansion could be on the horizon for this innovative brand. 

11. La Vie

A close-up of a productDescription automatically generated

It’s not just alt-seafood brands that we need to keep an eye on in 2024; alt-meat products could also resurge after a relatively quiet year. 

French plant-based pork brand La Vie has bold ambitions for the next 12 months, which includes expanding sales of its new ham-inspired product into the UK. The vegan ham uses pea and soya proteins as its core ingredients but can be sliced like a traditional ham. 

La Vie has crowdfunded more than €2 million to support its growth strategy.

12. Mighty Slice

A stack of cheese blocksDescription automatically generated

We’ve seen growing interest among sports stars for investing in food and drink products that align with health-conscious values (think Lewis Hamilton and Roger Federer backing NotCo). 

The latest sporting name to put their money into food is England and Chelsea footballer Reece James, who has invested in high protein dessert brand Mighty Slice

Mighty Slice co-founder, Emily Tout, says high protein is the fastest-growing dairy category. The desserts contain 16 grams of protein per slice with a promise of ‘proper puds with added functionality’.  

13. Nirvana

A row of brown bottles with different colorsDescription automatically generated

The low and no-alcohol drinks category has expanded massively in recent years. One of the brands embracing the NoLo trend is Nirvana: a London-based brewery producing low-alcohol bottle lagers, IPAs, stouts and pale ales (with an eye-catching logo). 

Nirvana raised more than £750,000 in 2023 to underpin its continued growth, with overseas expansion, NPD, and increased marketing to support its retail stockists high on the agenda for 2024.

14. Oatsu

A jar of oatmeal with fruitDescription automatically generated

Overnight oats have long been a go-to recommendation by dieticians and health coaches for a nutrient-dense, filling breakfast. Now UK scale-up Oatsu is taking them into the delivery box category. 

Oatsu’s products are gluten-free, plant-based and high in fibre – a healthier alternative to the sugar-laden ‘just add water’ packaged porridge found on most supermarket shelves. Flavours include banana biscuit, blueberry, choc peanut and mango passionfruit. 

After building the brand through D2C sales, Oatsu products are now available in Holland & Barrett and will soon be distributed in Co-op stores as part of its Apiary incubator scheme. 

Oatsu is already endorsed by high-profile entrepreneur Steven Bartlett and recently reached its £100,000 crowdfunding target. 

15. Olyra

A box of biscuits with a package of foodDescription automatically generated

Another brand bringing healthier options to the breakfast category is Olyra: producer of organic breakfast biscuits made with Ancient Greek grains. 

Low in sugar and high in fibre, the biscuits were inspired by founder Yannis Varellas’ time spent helping to run his family’s grain mill in Thrace, Greece. In February 2023, Olyra closed a $4 million Series A funding round with Bimbo Ventures as its lead investor. 

16. Perdue Farms 

A person's hand putting food into a bowlDescription automatically generated

U.S. food processor Perdue Farms recently released a limited edition Chix Mix inspired by animal feed to prove its commitment to quality ingredients. 

Chix Mix featured corn, edamame and puffed wheat with added BBQ seasoning for flavour. The snack was given away as a promotion in November 2023 to underline Perdue’s commitments to antibiotic-free farming and clean family food. 

17. PerfectTed

We’ve taken a deep dive into the growing desire for brain-boosting products – whether that’s nootropics or harnessing the power of botanicals

PerfectTed combines both trends within its ready-to-drink green tea energy drinks.  Its products include caffeine, L-theanine and matcha to help consumers increase alertness and concentration while maintaining a calm sense of purpose. 

In Spring 2023, PerfectTed founders Marisa Poster and brothers Teddie and Levi Levenfiche struck a deal on the UK TV Show Dragon’s Den, securing £50,000 investment for a 10% share in their business. 

18. Phreshly

A white beverage can with water drops and a labelDescription automatically generated

Hard seltzers and canned cocktails made a strong showing in 2023 and Phreshly wants to ensure this drinks trend continues into 2024. 

Its range of premium ready-to-drink cocktails focus on sophisticated flavour combinations, with branding to match. 

Phreshly currently offers two products: Bay Lemonade, a modern take on a Bourbon Smash, and G’iddem, a blueberry daquiri with flavours inspired by founders Paul Owusu and Ama Marfo’s Ghanaian heritage. 

19. SuperMush

A group of bottles with a sprayerDescription automatically generated

Mushrooms are having their moment – and U.S. brand  SuperMush is harnessing their properties in its functional mushroom mouth sprays. 

The range is designed to offer consumers an energy hit, boost immunity or stay relaxed, depending on which spray they choose. 

Alternatively, SuperMush has a range of gummies and mints delivering potent mushroom power. We love the cartoon funghi logo! 


Low carbohydrates continue to prove popular. SRSLY taps into this trend with its bakery products, pizza, snacks, ready meals and condiments, all of which have lower carbohydrate levels than most traditional alternatives. 

Founder, Andy Welch, launched SRSLY in the UK after trying the keto diet but growing bored with limited choices. He began a quest to create good low carb bread and grew his ambitions from there. 

SRLSLY has big plans for 2024 after inking a new distribution deal to introduce its products into several U.S. supermarket retailers.

21. Thor’s Skyr

A blue and white container with white textDescription automatically generated

The Icelandic diet is recognised as one of the best in the world and skyr has become a zeitgeist food as a result. U.S. company Thor’s Skyr plans to take cultured dairy distribution to a new level in 2024 with robotic kiosk smoothies. 

Thor’s has partnered with tech company Blendid to create autonomous robotic kiosk locations across the USA that serve skyr-based smoothies to consumers 24-hours a day, seven days a week. We’re interested to see whether an international trial will follow! 

22. Virtue Drinks

A group of cans of energy drinksDescription automatically generated

Another clean energy drink brand to watch in 2024 is Virtue: producers of zero sugar, zero calorie drinks containing South African plant species yerba mate. 

In November 2023, Virtue Drinks raised £1.2 million to refresh its branding and invest more into UK and international marketing and distribution. The company already has a number of high-profile backers including England footballer Chris Smalling. 

23. XOXO

A group of cans of sodaDescription automatically generated

Here’s another fast-growing beverage brand tapping into the healthier soft drinks trend. XOXO is the London prebiotic soda start-up that secured an impressive £1.5 million investment in 2023. 

XOXO’s range of ginger & lemon, orange, and watermelon are currently stocked in selected European supermarkets and sold in the UK via Wholefoods. The brand scaled its manufacturing operation to produce 60,000 cans per month within six months of launching and is targeting significant growth in the next 18 months. 

24. ZENB

A group of pasta boxesDescription automatically generated

Last but definitely not least, we have a brand benefitting from the better-for-you movement. ZENB UK produces yellow pea pasta products, which are high in fibre, potassium, protein and a good source of iron. 

In addition to dried pasta shapes and noodles, ZENB has created a range of ‘agile bowls’; plant-based pea pasta pots that are ready to eat once you add boiling water. It also offers two instant vegetable mash products: carrot & red lentil and cauliflower & green pea. 

We see enormous potential for this alternative pasta for health-conscious consumers worldwide. 

Congratulations to everyone who made this year’s list! 

If you’re a fast-growing food or drink brand with big plans for 2024, Hooley Brown can help you scale your products globally. 

From export planning and strategy support to localising your products and packaging, our international team of experts will get you market-ready. Drop us a line to find out more. 

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